Objective: Novica provides its customers unique access to find great values direct from regional artisans. The Apparel Project Expert objective is to find the best Peruvian apparel by sourcing, selecting and developing clothing and accessories with high quality and fair prices which allows us to promote Peruvian artists and culture.


* Develop apparel items with local artisans and follow through production, merchandising and sales.

* Identify trends appropriate for the Novica customer in order to source the right product.

* Source top apparel and accessories artisans to expand our current collections.

* Maintain quality and fit requirements to exceed customer expectations.

* Work closely with Novica's National Rep and US office on all aspects of development and sourcing.

Position Responsibilities:

* Source new apparel artisans and products based on needs, targets and trends.

* Continue development and production with current apparel artisans.

* Identify designs and trends for growth.

* Develop written sourcing materials that help to promote our mission and requirements.

* Understand our quality control standards and methods and work with artisans to meet standards.

* Produce sourcing reports for new and existing artisans.

* Source appropriately throughout the year for holiday promotions and marketing schedules.

* Visit artisan workshops to source new product, materials and maintain relationships.

* List new products on Novica website and provide accurate descriptions and required product information. Follow through with testing, work list details and product questions as required.

Applicant Profile:

* Education: Apparel Design, Merchandising, Product Development or Textiles.

* Spoken and written English.

* Skills: Apparel design or development, merchandising, sales, flat sketching, understanding of color, textiles, knitted garments, yarns, fashion, trends.

* Able to multi-task, proactive, has common sense, team player but able to self motivate and manage own time and projects. Able to work in all aspects of merchandising, sales, development and administrative duties.

* Must have excellent computer skills.

* 3 years of experience as minimum.

* Age: Up to 35 years old.

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